Workin' man creative merges with Poulsbo Based RockFish Group

This article was originally featured in The Chamber of Jefferson County's newsletter.

Local Businesses Merge out of Chamber of Commerce Connection

As a business owner in our small town, I’ve always tried to make friends and partners with my “competitors.” From Totera Web Systems to Fruition Design, to Keven Elliff, Jon Muellner (PT Guide) and more, we have worked together, shared clients, and helped each other with the business of owning a business. 

I must say though, when I saw a logo a few years back pop-up on the Chamber’s website for The RockFish Group, I got a little intimidated. Here was a well branded Marketing, PR and Branding agency that looked like they really knew what they were doing, and they were on my home turf!

Because partnerships are important, I scheduled a meeting with owner Kelle Kitchel, and even more importantly, brought fresh baked Pane d'Amore bread to share. That little meeting in lead to an excellent working relationship for our two firms, The RockFish Group and workin’ man creative. We worked intimately together for the following year and a half getting on many projects. 

Somewhere around a year into being what we called “Strategic Partners,” Kelle asked me about the possibility of merging our businesses. I was instantly on-board. I’ve had a goal to find a partner for some time, and our skills and personalities complement each other perfectly. Kelle is a big picture visionary, good with people and downright fun to be around. I am a hard working thinker, who believes very much in “finishing.” In addition, our firm’s services went hand-in-hand, where RockFish needed a web designer, workin’ man creative needed a marketing, PR and branding.

On January 1st, 2016, we officially signed our operating agreement and began taking on work as a team. From the notice of a simple logo on the Chamber’s website, a fruitful and exciting business is growing into maturity. 

About RockFish:

As a hybrid marketing agency, providing marketing, PR, branding, web design, and much more, we offer our clients a “One Source Solution” to tackle anything marketing related, with a goal of showing the world just how fantastic they are.

We would like to thank The Chamber for allowing us to write about our little story of Chamber Match Making. Kelle and myself would like to give a special shout out of appreciation to our Project Manager Olivia Hickerson, and our strategic partners Kathy Cole (Lead Designer), Keven Elliff (Digital Marketing), Melanie Gillard (Social Media), Jan Harrison (Strategy). 


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